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Take care of
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Our loved ones' lives often depend on how quickly help arrives.

With the PS-Watch they receive a constant monitoring service and can ask for help just with the push of a button.

The safety of our loved ones is the greatest gift

Giving help.
Effectively. Anytime.

In case of SOS alert the watch starts an automatic call towards the pre-set person. Relatives are notified as well.


Not location-dependent, usable anywhere

Easy and quick set up.

Thanks to the inserted SIM card it functions as a stand alone device. No need of a mobile or data plan.


1 short button press

time, date, number of steps

One press of the main button displays the time, date and the number of steps taken on that day.

2 short button presses

heart rate and blood pressure scan

Wearer can start heart rate&blood pressure scan at any time.
The data are indicative only, they don't substitute examination by a medical professional.

3 short button presses +1 long

phone book

Phone number put into your phone book can be dialed from the Watch.
The watch works as a phone during the talk.

4 short button presses + 1 long

turn off

Before taking off or restarting the watch, turn off the device. Don't forget to turn on before use.


1 long button press

At the moment of alert, the watch calls automatically the phone number saved into the phonebook, and the messages supported by the system are sent to the pre-set persons.


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Private Sentinel: peace of mind in security

By installing the Private Sentinel app on their mobile phones, your loved ones can monitor you from a distance.
They can even start a blood pressure scan from the application.

Download the application:

Main features of the PS-Watch

SOS alert button

In case of trouble, you can notify many persons that you are in need of help.

GSM audio call

The PS-Watch has a SIM card slot, thus it does not require a separate mobile. The preset phone number may be called, and the PS-Watch may be called from any phone number.

Zone surveillance

If the wearer of the PS-Watch leaves the designated area, we send an alert to the authorized person.

Blood pressure scan, heart rate scan

You can measure the blood pressure and heart rate of the PS-Watch holder by pressing one button from the Private Sentinel application or website.


Minimal water spray, e.g. While washing hands will not affect the device, but extended use in a wet environment, such as while showering, may impact the reliable operation of the PS-Watch. Avoid contact of the watch with continuously flowing water.

Rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery allows for an extended operating time.

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