How does it work?

An unexpected event may happen to anyone. The more vulnerable we are, the more we need help. Every minute counts in such a situation.

Trigger an alert

You can quickly and easily start an emergency call with a single press of a button from the PS-Watch.

Multi-channel alert system

An immediate notification is sent by SMS and email to the preset persons at the same time as the alert is activated.
The group members and nearby users are notified of the alert in the form of a push notification with the help of the Private Sentinel mobile application. The PS-Watch dials automatically the person set in the phone book of the watch.

  • Automatic
    start of call
  • Notifications
    to groupmembers
  • 3 SMS
  • 10 email
  • Nearby

Call center

Our 24-hour phone service calls back every alerting PS-Watch user to verify the data received. Afterwards
It forwards the alert to the 112.*

* Currently accessible only in Hungary.

112 Emergency call center

The 112 center receives and reacts to the calls arriving from our system.

The timely assistance can save lives